Founded by Ms Rashmi Saha , Mukty Mission is an initiative to spread freedom, awareness, and smiles. It
aims to create better living for women , youth & families and help them live with more dignity with tackling
issues like menstrual hygiene and mental health.
The first phase of Mukty Mission is dedicated to women’s health especially Menstrual Hygiene & Mental
Health .Very common yet under-discussed issues in India, because of the cultural frame of the society.
We intend and plan to work around these serious issues and help the society to open about Periods and
Mental health and empower them in creating a better life .
We have started the movement in December 2017 and have big dreams to set our society free from the
shackles created by themselves and lead them to freedom, one small step at a time.

We started with  ” No Shame No Stain” visiting interiors of Jharkhand ,villages and bastis ,gather the local women and conduct a workshop for them .Gradually , reaching out to girls from schools, colleges and women from all walks of life .Visiting
schools & colleges is yet another part of this campaign. Apart from these they are encouraged to be more self reliant
,confident and self aware.
In 3 years we expanded from Jharkhand , Chattisghar , Delhi ,Hyderabad to Assam touching more than 7000 lives .
And in 2020 , as lockdown hit due to Covid 19 , the medium changed to online , which helped us to reach to a wider audience all across the Nation and outside to men woman and youth , number going beyond lakhs . We shared across our message to more than Lakhs of men , woman and youth discussing menstrual and mental health .

It’s high time we need to accept our bodies and aspects related to it . We need to address the issues and find the solution accepting what is Natural and not ignoring . I wish to create a word where one can openly talk abut their issues related to Menstruation & Emotional Health and get supported by people around .I plan to create that awareness , sensitivity , acceptance.I wish to spread freedom , awareness & smiles.

Rashmi Saha ,

Life Coach | Founder, Mukty Mission | NLP Practitioner | TEDx Speaker/ Organiser |
REX Karamveer Awardee | State President , Jharkhand ,WICCI | State Chair ,LOANI

Area of Work

  • MHM Awareness
  • Personal wellbeing
  • Distribution of sanitary pads 
  • Busting Taboos/ Stigmas
  • Right disposal 
  • Sustainable options 
  •  Mental-Emotional Health Support
  • Awareness on Mental Health
  • Life Skills Coaching
  • Guidance on Emotional Well being
  • Counselling
  • Self Awareness Programs


The pilot campaign of Mukty Mission “ No Shame ,No Stain “ focuses completely on Menstrual Hygiene Management
(MHM). Dealing with issues of Periods ,its challenges faced by women and girls ,its non acceptance and taboos related
to it….

Icare4her was started on 28 th May 2018 on International Menstrual Hygiene Day . The concept of this campaign was to reach out the men and ask them show their support(in which ever way possible ) and acceptance of menstruation and they care for women around them. The objective was share this very basic but heroic act of these supportive men to the public through social media and
encourage the others to get on board with the idea of menstruation….

Jijivisha is a hindi words which means “Desire / Zeal to Live“.

Project Jijivisha is an initiative under the second vertical of  Mukty Mission , i.e Mental Health and Emotional Well being . With the growing stress in individuals due to as many different reasons as we an count , the mental and emotional health of people is getting affected …..

Achievements & Mile Stones

Live Sessions
Online Awareness
People reached
Sanitary Pads Distributed