Men, Menstruation & the Blind Eye

  It was difficult and it has always been. Introducing & explaining Menstruation to Men. They have always been in an idea that periods are a mystery that no one needs to talk about, ask about or even take any interest in. No matter if they have grown up around menstruating females in their homes or outside. Man, even if have the basic information, imparted to them during their biology classes, hardly get to know the real deal. They hardly get [...]

I am PMSing and My world is upside down !

I know .I know . Many of you might not even aware and be wondering what “PMSing” mean.Not your fault .I would be glad if you at least knew what periods is . When in a country where a majority of population doesn’t understand much about basics of a human body and accept it’s very existence ,it would be unfair to expect them to understand the different aspects related to it . So to make things simple ,let me tell you [...]

Mukty – A state of mind.

Debates, Ideas, Concepts and preaching, are floating around us. Floating in abundance to impart us lessons of freedom, to help us free ourselves and to break our chains. But who could have thought about what we keep finding in books, and preaching and in the words of great men, would be something hidden deep within us. Something, we have kept safe in our minds, over protected in a super secure place. And we hardly ever released, that the freedom we keep asking [...]