Mukty – A state of mind.

Debates, Ideas, Concepts and preaching, are floating around us.

Floating in abundance to impart us lessons of freedom, to help us free ourselves and to break our chains.

But who could have thought about what we keep finding in books, and preaching and in the words of great men, would be something hidden deep within us. Something, we have kept safe in our minds, over protected in a super secure place. And we hardly ever released, that the freedom we keep asking from our society or people around us, is here, right here, within us!!

Human souls have always been insecure, been complaining about being chained. Being chained to customs, rules & situations.

But pause for a moment, and think deep. How many times have we ever worked to free ourselves from those chains? And if at all you have, question yourself again, what was that major hindrance, that was stopping you. What was your biggest fear!?

And, was that fear worth it!? If no did you try to go with your thoughts and broke the chains.

And if you broke the chains. Did you find your freedom, the one that you wanted to feel? If yes! Think again. Who got it for you?? !!

And this simple exercise, am sure would have helped you understand what exactly I am trying to decode here.

Freedom is nothing, but our state of mind!!

It’s the concept that we have had kept safe in our heart and minds because of either, what was taught to us or what we experienced. And we as simple human beings never tried to challenge it and dig deep into the reality of experiences. Just to realize that experience can vary from time to time and situation to situation.

In fact, we ourselves keep changing. Our body, our mind, our perception and also our threshold for different actions & reactions change. Giving us all the positive chances, that our experiences might change and our mental blocks get broken. Making us feel alive, free & powerful. Yes! Freedom is Power!! Power that comes from self believe and confidence. Power to have fought and achieve something. Power to create from scratch.

And who would not want to experience that power. Would you not!??

Think for a moment beyond your current situation where you are stuck, what’s is holding you back. And, see how it feels when you have broken those chains and you are free. Just a thought of it would have made you smile. I am sure.

Think about experiencing it!!

Think about creating it!!

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