No Shame No Stain

The pilot campaign of Mukty Mission “ No Shame ,No Stain “ focuses completely on Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM). Dealing with issues of Periods ,its challenges faced by rural women and girls ,its non acceptance and Taboos related to it in rural and urban set ups .As the name suggests ,it encourages women to develop a habit of using Sanitary pads for a better hygiene, and incase using cloth ,use it the with appropriate sanitary precautions . Also ,a major focus is given on making them more comfortable with the idea of having periods and not shying away with it.

Along with this,  menstruators are also educated about various sanitary products available and are  encouraged to focus on  “Sustainable Menstruations” and ” Right Disposal” for the safety of our surrounding and environment .

Campaign involved visits to the interiors of Jharkhand ,villages and bastis ,gather the local women and conduct a workshop for them .The workshop usually starts with discussing with the females their usual practices and ideas and openness about periods .Its then with the understanding them and the thought process they are made aware about the right practices and right concept behind menstruation and it being as normal as any other metabolism of a human body.

Visiting school , colleges and other institution is yet another part of this campaign .Where in an interactive session
with our participants is conducted discussing the above mentioned issues .Apart from these they are encouraged to be more self reliant ,confident and self aware.

We have conducted these works in Jharkhand , Chhattisgarh , Assam , Delhi and Hyderabad , touching ore than  10,000 lives.

In 2020 , pandemic reaching out to people from urban areas became easier to impart such awareness and we conducted such session on MHM , PAN India touching more lakhs of lives virtually.

We have been involving all forms of art in form to create awareness on this sensitive issue .

Happy Periods Day , 28th February 

We celebrated 5th of February 2021 as Happy Periods Day in collaboration with “Sachi Saheli” an organization working on a similar cause and we are happy to have got support from all corners of the country .